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How to Lose 60 Pounds With My Favorite Pizza Recipe

I’d like to tell you that my favorite pizza recipe (link at the end of this post) has helped me lose almost 60 pounds since the start of 2019 and helped me co-found Fifth & Cherry® with my wife Tanya, but that’s only partly true. My path to better health, a sharper mind, and more energy are contained in the four points below. Since many friends and supporters are at the start of their own personal 2020 goals, I thought I’d share what’s worked for me long-term; I hope it’s a help to you.

  1. My life changed forever the moment I allowed myself to be vulnerable and speak truthfully about my goals to the people I love and those that love me. They won’t judge you. They’ll want to support you. Speak your truths. When you do so you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable for your actions.
  1. You have one shot at life. Live it. Do something today to help you on the pathway to your goals. Don't be afraid to stumble: doing is always better than not, and know that happiness comes from the process of taking positive action toward your goals...not simply reaching them.
  1. The fragility of life is real. Tell people how you feel no matter what.
  1. Happiness + spreading joy = success

Below is the pizza recipe I mentioned and a picture of me with my father-in-law at the Atlanta International Home & Gift Show. Atlanta is a show for retail store owners and buyers looking for new products to carry. We had the best show we ever could have imagined. Fifth & Cherry's® cutting boards were a hit at the show. We're the only manufacturer that doesn’t have a minimum order, doesn’t charge freight, dropships for free anywhere domestically and refinishes their product for free forever. This has become a true competitive advantage. Everyone, regardless if you're a store owner, buyer or customer is tired of the brands they do business with treating them poorly. The world is ready for our forever cutting boards. Atlanta proved that Fifth & Cherry® is the future of retail. 


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