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Say “Hello” To The Newest F&C Addition

Last week we shared with you the real reason we refinish our cutting boards for free forever; and it got us thinking that we’ve never done a proper introduction of our family - especially our newest addition! If you follow us on social media, you may have seen the announcement, but we’d like to formally introduce you to our sweet baby, Norah.

Norah was born on April 24 and is already four months old! We would have introduced you sooner, but 2020 has been, well, 2020; and our growing family with a three-year-old, an eleven-year-old, and our blessedly growing Fifth & Cherry has kept us pretty busy.    

We’re a family company and we believe that everyone who has a Fifth & Cherry cutting board is a member of our extended family. We love seeing and hearing about our boards being used to make precious memories (so please share them)! But it’s not just your family that’s being brought together by our boards, it’s our family as well:

Like the wood we use to craft our cutting boards and kitchens, family is forever. One of the reasons why we refinish our boards, drawers, and doors forever free of charge--we want them to last forever. When you buy a cutting board or kitchen from Fifth & Cherry you’re not only supporting a Pennsylvania and Texas-based family business, you’re supporting what all products should be and how companies should act. Building products that you only have to buy once, they last forever and are refinished free of charge they’ll always be ready to hand down to the next generation of cooks and aspiring pitmasters. 

If you’d like a board for your family or have a gifting occasion coming up, we would appreciate your consideration. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 20% off your first order and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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