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We're Putting The Cart Before The Horse

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
            --Leonardo Da Vinci 

We’re often inspired by the community that surrounds Fifth & Cherry. Your creativity and shared passion for our mission of creating handmade products of the highest quality knows no bounds. It’s why we’re able to introduce our latest product innovation: the butcher block cart.


A close friend of ours wanted a mobile solution for his custom 24”x48”x3’’ Fifth & Cherry butcher block, so he had a cart built. We liked it so much that we are commissioning the cart for our standard line of 18”x36”x3” inch boards (F&C 36). Made by an aircraft parts manufacturer, this is a cart worthy of Fifth & Cherry cutting boards. It personifies our mission of producing products that you only need to buy once because they last forever. Its rugged sophistication is bolstered by hand-welded and fabricated all-steel construction, a custom fit to your Fifth & Cherry board, and industrial high-capacity casters designed for the most austere conditions. This cart, like our boards, will last you a lifetime. 

We are actively taking pre-orders now and will have it on our site soon. If you want to get one of these handmade custom carts for your F&C 36” board, simply reply to this message and we’ll send you the details. Want a custom sized board and/or cart built? We can do that too. Order yours this weekend and we’ll give you 21% off and free personalization - even on custom work. 

One last note. We love seeing what you’re creating and serving on your Fifth & Cherry boards. Feel free to send your pics in a reply to this email or post them to our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter social channels. 

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