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A Before and After You Won't Believe

We always tell customers: Do Not Put Your Cutting Board in the Dishwasher! But, sometimes you put it in the dishwasher. Sometimes you drop your board, leave it in the sink or outside by the grill, burn it, or simply use it hard (as we want you to do!). It happens. And it’s why our unparalleled refinishing program was created with you in mind.

Our process is simple: email us pictures of your Fifth & Cherry board; ship us your board; we’ll refinish it for free and then ship it back to you for free. 

 Your kitchen has seen it all. From children learning to cook, celebrating major milestones, and those precious little moments that we often take for granted. It’s these memories that we want to preserve forever. It’s why we are obsessed with quality and refinish our cutting boards for free. We want you to use your board during all of these moments in life and as the board is handed down to the next generation, all of those memories will go with it.

It’s also why we individually serialize every board. When you send your board to us to be refinished, you’ll know you’re always getting your board back.

We want you to use our boards, make memories that you’ll cherish forever; and never be afraid to slice, chop, or serve on your handcrafted work of art. You don’t ever have to worry. Your Fifth & Cherry chopping block may be the prettiest thing in your kitchen, but it’s also engineered to be the strongest and most durable cutting board you’ll ever own.


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