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F/C Magazine 2023

Welcome to F/C - Magazine!
We have been exploring innovative ways to present our stunning creations, including our custom cabinetry and exquisite cutting boards. As you flip through the pages of this magazine, you will discover our latest ventures, featured cabinet creations, special offers, and delicious recipes.
Our goal is for you to get to know us better and to provide you with useful information as you join us on this journey of growth and family. Enjoy our first edition, and stay tuned for more!

Forever Yours,
Tanya & Tim Reazor

Our New Great Vibes Board

Just in time for wedding season!

A Power Drill to Cook Steak

Cooking Steak with a Power Drill :)

We're Blown Away By This Article!

“Once you try one of these heirloom-quality cutting boards, you’ll never go back to plastic again”

This Design Feature Is Why Everyone Wants Our Boards

In this short video with our partner Longaberger we answer all of these questions and more. This video encapsulates everything that makes Fifth & Cherry different from any other cutting board company and why there is so much passion for what we do. We hope you enjoy it.

It's Surprisingly Easy to Care For Our Boards

Our boards are incredibly easy to maintain. Many of you already know we refinish every board we create forever free of charge.  However, the Fifth & Cherry community has grown a lot this past holiday season and we’d like to take a minute to share with you the best way to care for your new board.

2022 is The Year We Customize Everything

We don’t have a section on our website dedicated to this aspect of our business, but with the questions and orders that have come in to start the year, it’s clear that we need to talk about our custom work more.

Our Christmas Miracle!

You are all part of the Fifth & Cherry family, and we love and appreciate your support more than you know. Graham is the newest member of the family and we can't wait to bring him home to meet everybody!

You Don't Want This, Nobody Does

No one wants to be alone, that’s why we’re constantly reaching out through technology. But we find ourselves looking at old pictures and longing for more moments that connect us in the real world, not just the cyber world. Reconnecting in the... 

Our Fall 14" Free Board Offer

As we dream of seeing distant family again, breaking out mom’s special recipes, and making memories with the ones we hold dear; we’d like to share with you the offer we’ve extended to Fifth & Cherry’s...

The Secret Behind Fifth & Cherry

There’s something deeply satisfying about running a business where you feel like you have nothing to hide.

The Graduate

Recently we were able to go back to where it all began...

You'll Love Meeting These Trendsetters of Fire & Smoke

A member of the Big Green Egg Pro Team and a self-proclaimed “Pearly Girl”, often wearing her signature string of pearls and pink lips, Tina is not afraid to get her hands dirty and will take on the challenge of perfecting any cooking method from sous vide duck and poached lobster tails to award winning smoked brisket and ribs. A big welcoming personality with a friendly “hey y’all”, Tina is 100% genuine and a great resource for tips and recipes. 

On The Road Again

Last weekend we set out in the family truckster.