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Fifth & Cherry Headquarters
609 S. Goliad Street, #154
Rockwall, TX 75087
Phone: 484-272-2253

Fifth & Cherry Manufacturing
37 Carpenter Street
Reading, PA 19602

A Shop Like No Other

Walk through the doors of our historic shop and you won’t find display racks of things to buy, checkout counters, or even salespeople. And that’s the way our customers like it. Because everyone who steps foot into our shop isn’t here to buy, they’re here to create.

The shop, built in 1903, stretches the length of a city block and is three stories tall. It’s been our home since 1982 and is a magnificent sight. Customers that step over our threshold come to build their dreams. They come to take a tour and meet the craftspeople who will build the custom cutting board or kitchen they’ve always wanted...oh and by the way, we create custom kitchens...

Our custom work is only limited to your imagination. And just like our standard cutting boards, our focus is always on superior quality and craftsmanship, so that your pieces will last forever.

To schedule a tour, or to start designing the cutting board (or kitchen) of your dreams, email us at!

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