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Dino Ribs

Ask us what our favorite BBQ’d meat is and without a doubt, we’d tell you it’s smoked BBQ Dinosaur Ribs. Done well, these ribs are tender, super flavorful, and develop a wonderful dark bark with just salt and pepper. 

Not familiar with Dino Ribs? Here’s a quick primer: Dino Ribs are Beef Ribs. They come from the back short ribs and are often referred to as plate ribs. Don’t let the “short” designation fool you; these ribs are huge. Typically sold in 3-bone portions, short ribs are called short after their cut which is called the short plate. So if you’re going to the butcher ask for plate short ribs and you’ll receive the meatiest and biggest beef ribs. 


Want to try making these yourself? This instructional video from our friend Pitmaster Kenneth Cunningham is one of the best. Also, Kenneth is a flavor master. With just smoke, salt, and pepper these ribs really sing! There’s no sugar or sweet sauces in this preparation, making it completely keto-friendly.

We know what you’re thinking: ribs this beefy (pun intended) need a butcher block that can handle the heft. The F&C 18 is the perfect size for all of your BBQ and large family meal prep and presentation. Are you a self-proclaimed EGGhead? Then our Big Green Egg edition board offers the only end-grain cutting board worthy of their name!

While you’re cooking, we love seeing your culinary creations on your Fifth & Cherry boards and so does the rest of the F&C family. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and make sure to tag us in your photos! 

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