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Feed Your Soul

If you’ve found yourself struggling to live in the moment, locked up and unable to communicate because of how busy you are and feeling disappointed that you’re not reaching your potential as a husband, father, son or friend, like I was, I highly encourage you to read on. My story may help you.

In the not too distant past, I was a frustrated person. I didn’t think I was living up to my potential and knew that there was more to life than the part I was living. If the Fifth & Cherry® in my heart was ever to become Fifth & Cherry®, in reality, I needed to change. So, I took action and went back to school in an attempt to become my best self and figure out how to live a dream. This actually led me into a deeper frustrated state.

After putting in the hours required to perform at my current job and study in my master’s of business program I had very little time left for my daughter Reagan and Tanya my wife. Every time I tried to shift time to the people I loved I felt that I wasn't putting in enough hours elsewhere. In a short period of time, I was sputtering. I didn’t feel as though I was doing anything well, and I felt spread way too thin on time.

On top of that, during this same period Tanya was pregnant and we were moving. Exactly one day after moving into a house that was nothing more than boxes and chaos things got scary. Our son Remy was born five weeks early. The story of Remy’s birth will have to be told in another blog, but know that Remy is awesome and you can keep up with our adventures here. 


I was succumbing to life’s pressures. You see, I value time and the memories created with my loved ones over most anything in life.

I’m a self-proclaimed memory hoarder. You can see these values infused in everything we’re building with F&C. It’s why our boards are serialized, reversible and come with free refinishing for life.

I don’t think you’ll remember nor care about a facebook post you made about a special meal you created with loved ones in the kitchen months or years from now. You will, however, care deeply about the memories created.

That’s the magic of what we build at F&C. Every time you use our boards you hold a tangible memory in your hands. Every time you use one of our boards, you’ll be transported back to the time you made holiday cookies with your kids, cooked a first date meal, or celebrated the wonderful moments of your life. Our boards are a conduit to the memories you hold most dear. It’s why we’ll make sure you’ll have it and those memories forever.

So what did I do to learn how to live my values, de-stress, live up to my potential and find the time that I didn’t have? I learned how to feed my soul.

If I need to do work, I’ll work. But more importantly, if I need to get on the floor and play with the kids, I do just that.

I’m the best father I can possibly be in that moment. I now accept the decisions I make and don’t antagonize myself over them. This acceptance of life’s ebbs & flows didn’t come easy. I had to want to change.

I also couldn’t have done it without the tremendous support and love surrounding me. This book was also pivotal. Maybe it’ll help someone you love.

Thank you for being a part of what we’re building at Fifth & Cherry®.

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