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Making Memories Is Time Well Spent

No matter where you call home or where you cook, we believe the following is our collective sentiment.

In today’s disposable society, very few items have sentimental value. The truth is that time passes and memories fade. What we leave behind is all that remains. The kitchen is the center of all activity; it’s where you’ll carve your first turkey, make cookies with your grandmother, teach your children to cook, laugh with your partner and cry to your best friend. The kitchen is where love, warmth, and memories live. Our boards are designed to keep those memories alive so every time you use it, you’re not alone.

We are dedicated to creating the most beautiful and longest-lasting cutting boards on the market from wood that is responsibly sourced. As a Marine Corps Veteran who was deployed three times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Tim understands that the most precious commodity we have is time, and making memories is time well spent.

We're incredibly grateful for Kamado Joe and the testimonial they shared with us recently. Please watch the video at the end of this post. They cut 800 pounds of meat on our board and couldn't feel any knife marks while noting their knives were as sharp as when they started. 

If you have the occasion to provide a gift this spring, we'd appreciate it if you considered giving the people you love a Fifth & Cherry® Forever Cutting Board. Whether it be for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, anniversary or wedding, Fifth & Cherry® cutting boards are built to last for a lifetime of memory-making!

To see the world’s only handmade, steel-reinforced, refinished for life for free, end grain cherry cutting boards, please click

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