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Mom Deserves the Best

I've discussed my propensity to hoard memories. Material things don’t get me excited. Making memories and enjoying simple moments with the people I care most about does.

This most likely explains the 26,000 pictures on my phone. It also explains why I’ve filmed every time that I’ve picked up my son Remy from daycare ever since he learned how to walk. You can see the first one here.

After watching him get so excited when I would arrive, and seeing the pride he had in his newfound ability, it dawned on me that he might like to see this when he’s older. And heaven forbid something ever happen to me, he might like to see how much joy he brought to me by simply being reunited at the end of the day.  

I know I’m not alone. There are millions of you that feel the same way I do. That’s what drives me with Fifth & Cherry®.

In the beginning, I would take what would become our signature cutting board everywhere I went. I’d tell everyone that would listen that it wasn’t just a cutting board; my product produced memories that would last a lifetime.

I’d explain how the kitchen is where life happens in a home and this cutting board would be witness to some of the most important memories people will make. And every time a person uses our board they’ll be transported back in time to their cherished moments.

No social media post can do what our cutting board can do. My belief in preserving life’s beautiful simple memories is what led to our complimentary lifetime refinishing innovation. Memories are some of the best and most important things you’ll ever have -- I want to make sure that you can hold on to them forever.

This brings me to Mother’s Day. My father raised me with the following thought towards gifts. Every holiday, he would say that it’s the thought that counts.

He was right. Your love, devotion and time are the greatest gifts you can give the mothers in your life this year. If you’d like to give a physical item consider giving a Fifth & Cherry cutting board. By doing so you’re telling that person the following:

  • You want to make memories. Bonds grow stronger when you cook with someone you love.
  • You recognize the importance of time and that you’re willing to give yours because life is fleeting. Connecting with our loved ones is one of the best things that we can do to positively feed our souls.
  • You know how important the memories are that your children will make in the kitchen. They'll pass those memories and those lessons on to their own children one day.
  • Through the experiences you'll share in the kitchen, you'll create vibrant, living memories that will be carried on by the people most important to you.

So why is our cutting board so powerful? Science has the answer...It’s the power of memories! This excerpt from Lisa M.P. Munoz  from the  Cognitive Neuroscience Society  explains…

“Memory is not just for remembering…[it] is critical for our sense of who we are – in the past, present and the future. Memory does not only hold important knowledge about our lives and our personal attributes and traits; through mental time travel, episodic memory can also directly transport us into the past, to the person that lived through our previous experiences, and into the future, to the person we are yet to become.”

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s to making memories that will last a lifetime.

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