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On The Road Again

Last weekend we set out in the family truckster with little Remy (age 3) and Norah (10 months) to go visit the shop in Pennsylvania, spend time with Tim’s parents, and other various business meetings. We could have flown to Pennsylvania, but driving with the kids is something we wanted to do. Now, as we are heading back to Texas, a little sleep deprived from everyone being out of their normal routine, we wouldn’t change a thing. The small candid moments of Remy and Norah “singing” together, Remy telling us about all the trucks and American flags he sees, Tim’s parents meeting Norah for the very first time (thanks, COVID), and seeing the guys at the shop has made this one of the best trips ever.

 Look at this 24”x48” board that Todd’s crafting:

It’s going to a family with a new baby girl. The memories they’ll create baking, prepping meals, and barbecuing will last them a lifetime. And because we refinish the board forever free of charge, when their daughter is grown, she will inherit the board and have it in her home where she will be able to create new memories with her own family; keeping old traditions alive and perhaps creating some new ones with her children.

While we’re the only shop in the world crafting handmade, steel-reinforced, end-grain cherry wood cutting boards and chopping blocks, we are actually creating tangible lineage and the ability to have some of your fondest and warmest memories live forever. 

We made a lot of good memories on this trip and we’d love the opportunity to help you and your family create memories of your own. If you have a gifting opportunity coming up, we appreciate your consideration.


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