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Our Very First TV News Story

This week marks the 246th birthday of America’s beloved Marine Corps on November 10th; and on the 11th hour on the 11th day of November, we celebrate the lives of all Veterans who have protected our American way of life.

At Fifth & Cherry, we are a family of Veterans and a business built alongside fellow Veterans; and so we celebrate what this week truly means to us: freedom. 

Every day we have the opportunity to pursue our dream of building a business doing something we love, and we are blessed that we can grow our family (we’ll welcome another baby boy in December) and that our children will have more opportunities than we had to do and become anything they can dream of. To us, that’s freedom; and it isn’t lost on us one bit. 

Currently, Veterans represent about 10% of our Nation’s population and there are less than 1% of US adults currently on active duty. These numbers amaze me - how so few have protected so many. These men and women serve with one mission: to ensure that our Nation remains free so that everyone has the opportunity to live their version of the American dream. And every day they succeed.

This video is our American Dream in action. It’s the freedom that my family and yours has fought for. You all mean so much to us and it is our absolute honor and pleasure to be able to create products for you and your loved ones to celebrate your precious time together. 


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