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Preserve Your Handwritten Message

Ever get a letter or card in the mail from your parents or children and feel their love and warmth before you even open it? Are you like us and keep every one of them? It’s the handwriting on the envelope; it’s the tangibility of memories we’ve created with our loved ones. Seeing their handwriting takes us back to all those wonderful memories and reminds us of their love.  

Your signature is the ultimate expression of who you are. In a few strokes, your signature reveals your boldness, creativity, and sensitivities. It’s amazing how something so simple can reveal so much and touch us so deeply.

We started our Signature boards as just signatures, but have been deeply moved recently by tattoos people are getting to commemorate their loved one’s handwriting. Tattoos are not for everyone but the desire to preserve those memories pervades. Whether it’s the handwriting from someone who’s no longer with you, or if you’d like to preserve a short message for your loved ones, we can help.

Our Signature boards make the perfect gift for your baking partner, Thanksgiving turkey carvers, backyard BBQ pitmasters, and the cooks who inspired you to pass down time-honored family recipes and traditions. 

To get started, simply choose your preferred board size and select personalization. Instead of typing in a message, click the “Choose File” button below the text box and attach a scan or image of the handwritten message you’d like to include. We will contact you to discuss sizing and length, in case any modifications need to be made. Your board arrives in our special packaging which provides one of the most unique unboxing experiences.  
As a Marine Corps Veteran who was deployed three times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I understand that the most precious commodity we have is time, and making memories is time well spent. Our mission at Fifth & Cherry is not only to help you make memories with your loved ones but to help you preserve them for generations to come.

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