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Size Matters

Brisket - the pinnacle of the BBQ world. It takes hours to cook and is the trophy meat that professional and amateur pitmasters alike will smoke again and again until they find the perfect combination of spice rub, wood, temperature, and cooking time. A real labor of love, and yet most pitmasters don’t have a cutting board big enough to handle this massive cut of beef! Most raw briskets average 12-20 inches in length (the bigger, the better!), and when considering a smoker, most pitmasters choose at least 24” but would prefer 30”. 

When preparing your brisket, you need room to move the brisket around while you work without risk of it falling off the board, and you also need space to place the trimmings and your knives. The Fifth & Cherry® 36” butcherblock cutting board is the perfect size to handle your brisket prep as well as being a beautiful board for showcasing and serving your BBQ masterpiece!

Made of end-grain cherry wood, the F&C 36 will also protect your knives by keeping them sharper longer. Our boards are hand-arranged, staggered for strength, steel-reinforced, and refinished for life for free! We celebrate chefs and pitmasters who lovingly practice their craft every day in search of perfection. John P. sent us this picture of his first brisket on his new 36” board - we’re incredibly proud to be a part of his BBQ story and would love to be a part of yours!

This year, after being introduced at the World Food Championships in October of 2019, our 36-inch board is more popular than our 14-inch board. 

Your 36-inch board arrives in a custom crate. Keep the crate! 
This is how you’ll ship it back to us for free refinishing.

The Only Cutting Boards Refinished Forever For Free 

Fifth & Cherry’s® end-grain cherry wood is the safest and most sanitary material you can use as a cutting surface in your kitchen. To ensure that your board will always look and perform its best, Fifth & Cherry refinishes our boards for free forever!

Each board is individually serialized to guarantee that it is an authentic Fifth & Cherry cutting board. You can register your board on our website, and when you are ready to have your board refinished, email us at

If you’d like a board for yourself or have a gifting occasion coming up, we would appreciate your consideration. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 20% off your first order and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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