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Temptation Bundling

We’ve been listening to a book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and he explores a concept called Temptation Bundling. Temptation Bundling is the act of bundling something you want with something you need. It might seem simple, but the act of making goals more attractive by offering a “reward” means that over the long-term, this action is more likely to stick and your positive goal will become a successful habit. 

Over the past year, many of us have spent more time with our immediate families than we ever have, and personally, we are loving it! However, as the year has gone on we’ve settled into this Groundhog Day-esq existence and while we all may be in the same house, we are becoming more scattered and disconnected. We’re distracted; by our phones, tablets, and televisions. We’re bored with the repetition of the days and the daily tasks, like cooking.

As we’ve rediscovered this past year, it’s not simply time spent with loved ones, that matters. It’s the quality of time that matters most. Many customers tell us that their goal with our cutting boards is to recreate the tradition of family meals, if not nightly then at least on the weekends. People who buy our boards want the act of cooking to bring people into the kitchen. But what if your family isn’t interested? Try Temptation Bundling.

Let’s say you want your family to actively participate in the act of making dinner: Bundle this activity together with something each member would like to do individually. Maybe your daughter wants to text with her friends, your son wants to play video games and you just want to dive into an hour of The Crown. Fantastic! The reward of uninterrupted time with something each member of your family wants to do is now tied to your goal of preparing and eating a family meal together. Make this a regular occurrence and soon it will become a habit with your family actually looking forward to spending time together while making and eating dinner. 

Looking to unite with your family and loved ones in the kitchen? Let us help. If you’ve been considering our boards please let us create a handmade work of art for you. Use code “2021” to get 21% off your entire order and we’ll get started right away. 

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