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The Da Vinci's of BBQ

Pitmasters are finally being recognized for what they are: artists. It doesn’t matter their skill level, how long they’ve been rolling smoke or the equipment they’re using. These modern-day Da Vinci’s are everything Leonardo was during his time: artisans and engineers. 

Every day, they marry art and science to hone their craft. They spend their time mastering fire; finding and holding the ideal temperature, the right amount of smoke, and the precise length of time to give them what all pitmasters hope to achieve: the perfect cook. 

It doesn’t matter what they are cooking, it’s perfection they’re after. It’s why they care so much about every nuance of the cook. Preparation of the meat, what spice rub/marinade to use, wood or charcoal, and the right resting technique - every pitmaster has their own preferences and style.

Then there is the equipment: whether it’s a Kamado style (Big Green Egg), kettle (Weber), pellet-smoker (Traeger), open fire, or a custom-made smoker; each is unique, comes with its own set of challenges, and can take years to master. And we haven’t even mentioned battling with Mother Nature, the early mornings, and the overnighters required to slow cook these amazing foods. Nothing stops the pitmaster - this is their craft, their life, and they love it! 

We celebrate these people and support their journey. Three such pitmasters are our friends, Kenneth Cunningham and Justin Belter of Hickory Heat BBQ and the North Texas BBQ Addicts; and Chad Sessions of Smoke Sessions BBQ. These gentlemen have spent years crafting their techniques and are making names for themselves as they make their dreams come true.

Kenneth and Justin have won numerous competitions and recently started selling their BBQ, looking to open their own shop in the near future. Chad has been successfully selling his award-winning BBQ for years in a semi-permanent location but is now about to open his first brick-and-mortar restaurant next week!


We’ve seen tremendous support from the BBQ community and we love being a part of it! Check out our Instagram or Facebook pages for more photos from pitmasters of all levels. And if you’re interested in a board, remember to use code “2021” for 21% off your entire order!

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