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The Magical Hand of the Cook

The kitchen holds a magical intoxicating power. Its allure has sirened almost half-a-million to work the grueling hours necessary to earn the title of head chef or lead cook.

The work is not for the faint of heart. It’s demanding, low-paying, and sometimes dangerous, but yet almost nine hundred thousand stand in line waiting to take an incumbent chef’s job. Why? Because of what the kitchen represents.

The kitchen is a mirror that reflects with honesty the qualities of those that inhabit it. Don’t believe me? Take a look at 7 core values that most chefs share as discussed by Chef Troy Guard the chef and owner of the highly successful TAG Resultant Group.

I love how he describes the drive and vulnerability it takes to find long term success as a chef. He starts by talking about passion, but as I learned recently from Brad Feld (a must-follow and must-read author on all things business) passion can be faked.

It’s an obsession that, more often than not, drives a person to the highest levels of success in any field.

When asked how he knew if a business would succeed, Brad didn’t give the standard “passion” response. He said extroverts can exude passion about anything. It’s the positively obsessed that stress the details and embrace continuous learning about themselves and their field. These are the people who inevitably succeed.

What Brad is saying is that anyone can talk with passion, but not everyone can execute on the details.

Personally, I believe the kitchen is where artists take up residence. They don’t cook to achieve greatness for the sake of fame. These cooks are simply trying to outdo themselves from the night before…

...they obsess over the daily details: the freshness, source, and quality of the ingredients; the exact cooking time, temperature and technique; the plating and even how the plate is set in front of the customer.

That inherent quality of determined artistry is what makes those who cook so special. I totally get it. It’s the same way for me at Fifth & Cherry®. I feel a kinship with people who pursue artistry and perfection in everything they do. We're cut from the same cloth, and Fifth & Cherry® exists for those obsessed with quality. We demand the same quality that you do.

There are no shortcuts when creating the world’s finest cutting surfaces. It takes no less than 28 steps (along with hundreds of intermediary steps) to create our cherry end-grain cutting boards.

They’re designed to enhance every knife stroke you make. Their unique beauty will inspire you every time you cook. Our boards are so well constructed that over time you’ll develop the same intimacy that you have with your favorite knives. And our complimentary Lifetime Refinishing Program will ensure that your board will serve you for as long as you cook.

If you’re ever in Reading, PA, let me know. I’d love to show you how our boards are made and introduce you to the people who make them. The obsessive detail in each board we create will astound and inspire you.

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