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The Worst Board Damage We've Ever Seen

Only pictures can do this week’s email justice. 

At Fifth & Cherry, we’re obsessed with quality. Anyone can make a beautiful cutting board. But beyond beauty, we dive deeper into the science of wood and the engineering of board construction to produce the safest and highest quality cutting surface on the market. And we stand behind our boards by being the only company in the world that offers a lifetime warranty and free refinishing forever

A few weeks ago, we received the below F&C 36 board from a hardworking professional pitmaster in North Texas. He uses his board almost every day at his BBQ pop-up, in competition, and in creating educational content to help fellow aspiring pitmasters. But beyond surface damage, the board’s construction was not compromised! The 28 steps it takes to create our boards were more than up to this pitmaster’s challenge, but it definitely needed some tender loving care, so into the shop it went. Here are the results:


If your Fifth & Cherry board is ready for refinishing, reach out to for instructions on how to get us your board.

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