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This Wood Keeps Knives Sharper and It's Antibacterial

End-Grain Cherry Wood Is Amazing

There's a reason why we exclusively use cherry wood and end-grain construction in all of our cutting boards. As you know, wood is an organic material - natural, strong, and durable. The end-grain cherry wood used in Fifth & Cherry cutting boards is also antibacterial and exhibits self-healing properties. How?

As you cut across end-grain wood, the wood fibers separate, allowing the knife blade to pass through them, and then come back together. End-grain cutting boards will get surface scratches, but will not get the deep grooves that plastic boards do. Since wood is a natural material, the fibers actually absorb the water that bacteria need to grow. The bacteria have nothing to “eat” and die as the wood dries. Several studies have shown that bacteria will die on wood in as little as three minutes! 
This Raw Cherry Lumber will become our signature end-grain cutting boards.


Not All Wood Is Created Equally 

The specific kind of wood used will impact every facet of a cutting board, including its appearance, cleanliness, and ability to keep your kitchen knives in tip-top shape. Cutting boards should always be made from closed-grain hardwood. Cherry, maple, and walnut are all closed-grain hardwoods that are ideal for a cutting surface and won't be too hard on your knives’ edges. Only trees that produce edible nuts, fruit, or syrup should be used for cutting boards, as they are free from toxins and therefore safe for contact with food. Cherry makes the ideal cutting board material because it checks all of the appropriate boxes: it’s dense enough to be durable under heavy use, soft enough to keep your knives sharp, and because it’s derived from an edible fruit tree it’s toxin-free and totally suitable for food contact surfaces. Below are descriptions of several different wood species and why they shouldn’t be used for cutting boards & food prep. Click on the image to learn more.


The Only Cutting Boards Refinished Forever For Free 

Fifth & Cherry’s end-grain cherry wood is the safest and most sanitary material you can use as a cutting surface in your kitchen. Fifth & Cherry refinishes its boards for free forever to ensure that your board always looks and performs its best! Each board is individually serialized to guarantee that it is an authentic Fifth & Cherry cutting board. You can register your board on our website and when you are ready to have your board refinished, email us at

If you’d like a board for yourself or have a gifting occasion coming up, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, or a wedding, we would appreciate your consideration. Use this link to shop our catalog of boards. You can now even add a juice groove. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to receive a 15% discount code, and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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