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We Need More Artisans

I was enjoying a dinner meeting this week with some new friends. It was an exciting meeting because one of the attendees was the CEO of a large company that produces high-quality products that Fifth & Cherry would love to partner with. More of a casual get-to-know-each-other conversation than a formal business meeting, I was still stunned when the CEO pulled me aside at the end of the dinner and said: (I’ll paraphrase)

Most companies don’t create anymore. They don’t design products to last forever; the trades have faded away in this country. No one wants to make anything let alone fix or repair the products created. It’s a disposable society. We need more artisans! We need more tradespeople! I think what you’re doing is important...focusing on the people who make the products we use, the quality, and making sure they last forever. Thank you and good luck.

His words and that moment meant the world to me. In just one dinner conversation, he saw and understood what Tanya and I are building with Fifth & Cherry. In a world where cheap and disposable dominate, we’re leading a “forever” movement in manufacturing and retail. 

How Fifth & Cherry cutting boards are made is the reason why they will last forever and why you’ll be able to pass your board down to future generations of cooks and pitmasters. It takes 28 primary steps to create your board and about 4-5 days to build and cure. But there are also hundreds of intermediate steps that ensure the unparalleled performance and durability of a Fifth & Cherry cutting board. This video outlines our process and celebrates the people who create these works of art.

Ours is not a mechanical, sterile production like most who try to replicate what we do. You’ll see and feel the love in our work the moment you hold one of our boards in your hands. It’s this love and attention to detail that makes Fifth & Cherry boards the best cutting surface you will ever use.

If you’re ever in Reading, PA, let me know. We’d love to show you how our boards are made and introduce you to the people who make them. The obsessive detail in each board we create will astound and inspire you.

We hope that you’ll support this kind of local artisanship in all of your gifting and purchasing opportunities throughout the year. And if you’d like a Fifth & Cherry cutting board for your family, or would like to give one as a gift this holiday season, we would appreciate your consideration. Remember to use the 20% discount code you received for signing up for our newsletter, and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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