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Who Will Take On Goliath?

Back in September, we showed you the largest butcher block we had made to date: a 36”x36”x3” beast of a board.

Well, we’ve been at it again, this time making a 24”x48”x3” aptly named: Goliath! We made the board at the request of a local pitmaster and restauranteur, Chad Sessions. Chad is the owner of Smoke Sessions BBQ in Royce City, TX which has been featured in Texas Monthly Magazine for his amazing brisket and is scheduled to open his new brick-and-mortar restaurant in early 2021. 

When we met Chad in 2019, he was looking to replace the chopping board he had been using in his food truck. Made by a local woodworker, his board was the perfect size for his business, but with just over a year of heavy commercial use, it was already warped, grooved, and bowing in the middle. 

So we set out to make him a replacement board with some key differentiators: 

  • Staggered planks and single construction for strength and integrity. 
  • No feet. Unless a board is properly supported in the middle of the board, feet in the four corners only will lead to warping and bowing, especially at this size and weight. Plus if a board has feet, it cannot be flipped over for maximum usage and even wear, which extends the life of the board.
  • Steel reinforcement. Each Fifth & Cherry board is built with steel pins between each layer to reduce the possibility of warping.

And as with our standard sizes, we will warrant and refinish our custom boards forever, free of charge. With as much as Chad will use this board, we look forward to refinishing it so that his BBQ business can continue to grow.

Interested in a custom-sized board for your BBQ needs or have the room for a 24”x48” board? We made a second one because we loved the size! If you’d like to purchase this board (or a different size) for yourself or give it as a gift simply email us 

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