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Why There Are Pins In Our Boards + Other Questions Answered


 At Fifth & Cherry, we get asked a few questions more frequently than others by the members of our community. Questions such as: Where are the steel pins located in my board? How do you inject steel pins into the boards? How does refinishing forever free of charge really work? Do people really cry when they read the letter we include in every box? In this short video with our partner Longaberger we answer all of these questions and more. Click on the image above to watch the video that encapsulates everything that makes Fifth & Cherry different from any company on the face of the earth and why there is so much passion for what we do. We hope you enjoy it!

The Only Cutting Boards Refinished Forever For Free 

Fifth & Cherry’s end-grain cherry wood is the safest and most sanitary material you can use as a cutting surface in your kitchen. To ensure that your board will always look and perform its best, we always refinish our boards for free forever!

Each board is individually serialized to guarantee that it is an authentic Fifth & Cherry cutting board. You can register your board on our website and when you are ready to have your board refinished, email us at

If you’d like a board for yourself or have a gifting occasion coming up, we would appreciate your consideration.

Sign up for our newsletter to receive 15% off your first order, and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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