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Why Trendy Cutting Surfaces Don’t Cut It

Cutting surfaces come in a wide array of materials: plastic, glass, stone, steel, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Some of these are made into trendy “cutting boards” and others are countertops that people cut directly on, not using a cutting board at all.

You may think: “What’s the big deal? I’ve never had a problem cutting my food on these surfaces.” But what you don’t realize is that you are damaging your knives and putting yourself at risk for a really bad cut by using a dull knife. 

Plastic comes in varying hardnesses. Some are soft enough that they won’t dull your knives right away, but that softness means that you are cutting off bits of plastic with each knife stroke. These microplastics end up in your food and ultimately in your body.

Hard plastic, glass, stone, and steel are all extremely hard surfaces that have been proven to dull your knife blade in as few as 10 strokes. Cutting with a dull knife requires more pressure, which can easily cause knife slips or other sudden movements that put you at risk of a severe injury.

Reclaimed wood cutting boards are very trendy right now. They are fine if you just want to use them as decoration, but you don’t know 1) what kind of wood it is or 2) what chemicals that wood was treated with during its prior life. Chemicals soak into the wood and you can’t guarantee that all of the chemical soaked wood was sanded off prior to you putting your food on it.

Why End-Grain Cherry Wood

Wood is an organic material - natural, strong, and durable. The end-grain cherry wood used in Fifth & Cherry® cutting boards is also antibacterial and exhibits self-healing properties. 

As you cut across end-grain wood, the wood fibers separate, allowing the knife blade to pass through them, and then come back together. Because there is less resistance to your knife blade, it keeps the blade sharper, longer. A sharper knife means a safer knife.

Remember, it’s not the food that dulls your knives, it’s the cutting surface.

The Only Cutting Boards Refinished Forever For Free 

Fifth & Cherry’s® end-grain cherry wood is the safest and most sanitary material you can use as a cutting surface in your kitchen. To ensure that your board will always look and perform its best, Fifth & Cherry® refinishes its boards for free forever!

Each board is individually serialized to guarantee that it is an authentic Fifth & Cherry® cutting board. You can register your board on our website and when you are ready to have your board refinished, email us at

If you’d like a board for yourself or have a gifting occasion coming up, we would appreciate your consideration. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 20% off your first order and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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