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Why We Cook

“Cook for someone else, take a moment to prepare food not simply because you’re hungry but because cooking is an act that makes others feel better -- and making others feel better is why we’re here.”  Sam Sifton from the New York Times. 

I think of this quote often this time of year. I am a huge fan of Sam’s. If you don’t know him, he is the Food editor for the New York Times, and the creator of the newsletter “Cooking,” where he delivers hand-picked recipes, inspiration, and thoughts on food and life to subscribers’ inboxes. Sam's quote is constantly running in the recesses of my mind because it elegantly sums up my feelings towards my loved ones, business, and customers--be in service to them. I’m always looking to provide value to the people around me.

The quote also beautifully describes why so many wonderful memories are created in the kitchen, and why they’re so wrapped up with the food we cook. When we’re cooking in the kitchen, or in business, we’re in service to others. And I think that’s something worth discussing, writing about, and celebrating. It provides so much room for reflection about what’s most important to us in life.

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