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You Can't Afford to Buy Cheap

My dad is fond of saying that he can’t afford to buy cheap. Throughout the years (and several hard lessons learned) he has found that cheap rarely holds up to the rigors of normal use. Now he refuses to waste money on cheap tools, parts, or products. 

“Cheap” doesn’t always refer to price. Ever bought an expensive grill/smoker, only to have it start rusting in the second season of use? But the kettle grill you’ve had since college is still in fine shape? 

It comes down to quality. Quality of the materials used, the construction, the finishes; and quality of the service if/when something does go wrong.

Lesser quality cutting boards will warp, crack, separate and suffer knife grooving which harbors dangerous bacteria, making them unsanitary. They’re typically long-grain boards, plastic or worse, long-grain mixed wood-species boards

These boards are generally priced to be “disposable”; but if you have to purchase the same item several times because it wears out quickly, is it really cheaper? 

We wanted something more. We wanted to create a product that you only have to buy once, that you can use every day to make memories with your loved ones, and because it comes with a lifetime warranty and we refinish it free forever, it will always look as good as new and you can hand it down to future generations.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure you are getting the highest quality cutting board

  • We only use American Black Cherry wood, the perfect density for a cutting surface and 100% food safe.
  • End-Grain Construction: more labor intensive, but it prevents warping, is more sanitary, and it keeps your knives sharper (and safer) longer.
  • Varying block lengths and staggered seams prevents warping and delamination, making our boards stronger and more durable. 
  • Each layer is steel reinforced to prevent separation.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our products unconditionally. If your board doesn’t live up to our promises, we’ll fix the problem, no questions asked.
  • Free Refinishing Forever: If your board ever needs some TLC, send it in to be refinished at no charge by our expert craftsmen.

If you’ve been considering our boards please let us create a handmade work of art for you. Use code “2021” to get 21% off your entire order and we’ll get started right away. 

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