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We Could Make That Board, But We Won’t

We dip into the Fifth & Cherry Mailbag this week to answer a question that came to us via Facebook from a BBQ enthusiast (we’ll call him Bob). Below is the conversation (unedited): 

Bob: Can you make this board?

F&C: Hi Bob, thank you for reaching out! Yes, we could make that board; however, there are several aspects of the board that go against what we believe make a quality cutting surface, therefore we do not make boards like this.

Bob: What would you do/ recommend?

F&C: We recommend using end-grain wood (we prefer Cherry due to its ideal hardness and beauty). Long grain wood like the board pictured is prone to knife grooving which makes for an unsafe cutting surface. Long grain is also more likely to warp, crack, and delaminate. Long grain requires more maintenance in terms of refinishing to keep it looking good and a safe cutting surface.

We don’t recommend mixing woods. It looks pretty but those three woods are different hardness levels which will wear unevenly and make for an unsightly and unsafe cutting surface over time.

Never use resin on a cutting surface. It will ruin your knives and is unsafe because your knife can slip on it.

It’s a pretty board, but it’s a novelty board. Best used for serving/presenting finished foods versus being used as an actual cutting board to prepare food.

There’s a lot more info on our website if you’re interested:

Hope this helps!  

Bob: (thumbs-up emoji)

End transcript.

Novelty boards are very trendy right now. Whether it’s a flag/state, a sports team, or personalized for the end-user, they are in high demand and some of them are really pretty boards. But they are not meant for high usage as an actual cutting surface.

When you want a board that will last forever, protect your knives, and will remain a safe cutting surface, choose end-grain cherry wood.

Fifth & Cherry’s® end-grain cherry wood is the safest and most sanitary material you can use as a cutting surface in your kitchen. To ensure that your board will always look and perform its best, Fifth & Cherry refinishes our boards for free forever!

Each board is individually serialized to guarantee that it is an authentic Fifth & Cherry cutting board. Register your board on our website, and when you are ready to have your board refinished, email us at

If you’d like a board for yourself or have a gifting occasion coming up, we would appreciate your consideration. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 20% off your first order and as always, our boards ship direct for free!

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