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The Worst (But Funniest) Advice We've Ever Seen

This is not a Fifth & Cherry cutting board. We repeat, this is NOT our board.

The board in this picture belongs to a super-friendly member of a barbecue-focused Facebook group. He had this to say about his board: “I may or may not have had one too many last night. Is there anything that can be done to fix it?”

It turns out he left it in a sink full of water overnight, and unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Although some of the suggestions people gave him were pretty funny: “Put it back in water upside down overnight and put weights on it.” “Soak it in water again, then drive your car tire on top of it, allowing the car's weight to flatten it.”

We can assure you these things will only cause the board to crack further and split in two. He had good humor about it though and decided to continue to use the board as is, at least for a while...

We know that things like this can happen…just ask Tim. Our entire free refinishing program is because Tim had a similar “oh $h!t” moment when he put my grandmother’s heirloom cutting board in the dishwasher, which came out in three pieces! And it’s not just everyday users. Even the producers of the World Food Championships did this to our boards…you won’t believe the story! 

What’s the worst board we’ve ever brought back to life and looking new? It’s this one from pitmaster Kenneth Cunningham.

Is your Fifth & Cherry board ready for refinishing? Email us at for instructions on how to send it in to us and we'll have it back looking as good a new in a couple of weeks!

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